Dairy Arts Center

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, the Dairy Arts Center requires that all renting organizations pay a $175 Box Office and Ticketing fee for any event open to the public.

This fee covers both the ticket build and management as well as administrative oversight of patron COVID-19 screening and contact tracing records.

VenueCapacityTechnician (Y/N)Minimum RentalFor Profit PricingNon Profit Pricing
MacMillan Family Lobby220 No4 Hours

$375/hour (Weekday)

$465/hour (Weekend)

$160/hour (Weekday)

$200/hour (Weekend)

McMahon Gallery 80 No4 Hours

$300/hour (Weekday)

$375/hour (Weekend)

$150/hour (Weekday)

$180/hour (Weekend)

Boedecker Cinema
(typically only available to rent on Mondays & Tuesdays)
70Yes2 Hours

$145/hour (Weekday)

$180/hour (Weekend)

$110/hour (Weekday)

$135/hour (Weekend)

Gordon Gamm Theater250 Yes

4 Hours (Rehearsals)

5 Hours (Performances)

$145/hour (Tech)

(No Tech)

$870/daily (Tech)

(No Tech)

$108.75/hour (Tech)

(No Tech)

$653/daily (Tech)

(No Tech)

Grace Gamm Theater116Yes

4 Hours (Rehearsals)

5 Hours (Performances)

$100/hour (Tech)

(No Tech)

$600/daily (Tech)

(No Tech)

$2,250/weekly (Tech)

$1,463/weekly (No Tech)

$75/hour (Tech)

(No Tech)

$450/daily (Tech)

(No Tech)

$1,688/weekly (Tech)

(No Tech)

Carsen Theater 70-99 No 4 Hours







Vandeveer Workshop 40 No NA


$30/hour (art workshops/when additional cleaning is needed)


$30/hour (art workshops/when additional cleaning is needed)


Grace Gamm Theater

Carsen Theater

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MARCH 2020

As of today, 3/12/2020, The Dairy Arts Center remains open and operational. Should scheduling changes occur, ticket holders will be directly notified by The Dairy Arts Center.

If you have a question about an event please contact the presenting arts organization. For films, Dairy Presents and all other questions contact the Box Office at 303.440.7826