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Ticketing Information
As a configurable space, the Carsen Theater can hold a capacity of 70 - 99 seats. Please indicate your desired capacity for sales purposes
Please indicate the seating arrangement style you will be using in the Carsen Theater
Please note: You may only used reserved seating for the Gordon and Grace Theaters
Please estimate the number of "kills" and/or seats to be held for comps per performance. Please note that due to fire code, videographers must be seated in the back row, center in both the Gordon Gamm and Grace Gamm Theaters. Videographers will need at least 2 seats. Please note in the Amend Capacity section if you plan to use a videographer at any of your performances. Please note the capacity of the theater is different from the number of tickets a presenter may expected to sell in advance due to the Dairy's trouble seats (stated in your rental contract). The Dairy holds 6 trouble seats in the Gordon Gamm Theater, 4 in the Grace Gamm Theater and Boedecker Theater, and 2 in the Carsen Theater for late seating, ADA seating and other ticketing needs. Please contact Shay Wescott | Senior Operations Manager | swescott@thedairy.org if you have questions about trouble seats.
Example : Full Price - $25, Student - $20, Senior - $20 Please Note: For free or non ticketed event please type \"N/A\"
Example: $5 off for event sponsor w/ code SPONSOR17
Please list Day of Week, Date (mm/dd/yy), Time Example: Friday, 01/01/17, 7:30 PM
Once the Dairy has received all ticketing information, user can expect tickets to go on sale within 10 to 14 days. Please indicate if there is a specific date for tickets to go on sale.
Performance Information
Example: Seat between pieces
Example: Reception, talkback, etc.
Marketing Submissions
Please summarize your event. This will go on the landing page for your event on our website. No more than 150 words. Did you check your marketing description for spelling and grammar?
Did you check your tagline for spelling and grammar?
Additional information for our staff to better inform patrons on your event (content warnings, etc.)

Images should be high-resolution, in JPEG format. Your image(s) must be saved at at least 300dpi. Please provide images without text of logos embedded in them. Please send either one image in all sizes OR multiple images in the sizes listed. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to crop images that you send for use in other materials promoting your event. Please note the image spec requirements listed for each upload. If your images do not match these specs, we may not be able to use them.

Please submit a hi-res marketing photo for our website. Please avoid text heavy images. You may use the same image as the seats selection page for general admission shows which is generally 600 x 800 pixels. Please submit your image as JPG or PNG.
Please submit your organization's logo. Square images tend to look better than rectangular. Your logo may include text. Please submit your image as JPG or PNG.
1280 x 720 pixel RGB or jpeg accepted This image is a complete advertisement. The following information MUST be included on this image: Name of Event, Name of Presenting Organization, Date(s) and Time(s) of Event.
600 x 800 Pixel JPG or PNG accepted This is the image that will appear on our website in the place of the seating chart for general admission shows.
Please attach the URL to any relevant promotional videos you might have. Please note we can only support videos hosted on Youtube at this time.

Grace Gamm Theater

Carsen Theater

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