On View at The Dairy



Opening reception: June 21, 2019 from 5-8 pm
In partnership with Museo de las Americas & IMAGINE!

Cara a Cara (Face to Face) 
Curator: Laura Beacom
Artists: Museo’s Private Collection
Exhibition statement:
Featuring over 300 diverse masks from dozens of dances, Cara a Cara (Face to Face) highlights the artistry and history of Latin American masks. Few objects are instilled with as much meaning as a mask; for centuries they were used for hunting, healing, burial, celebration and religious ceremony. In Mesoamerica, the myths and histories of native peoples were combined with Christian stories and celebrations, creating a vibrant tradition of storytelling through dramatic dance. The summer solstice is an important time for many people in Mesoamerica, it symbolizes a new phase in their journey and is often celebrated with festivals and dances.
About Museo de las Americas: Museo de las Americas is the premier Latin American Art Museum of the Rocky Mountain region. Located in the heart of the Art District on Santa Fe, Museo is dedicated to educating our community through collecting, preserving, interpreting, and exhibiting the diverse arts and culture of the Americas, from ancient to contemporary, through innovative exhibitions and programming.


IMAGINE! Group exhibition
Curator: Christopher Murphy
Artists: IMAGINE! Art program students
Exhibition statement:
Imagine!’s CORE/Labor Source department operates curriculum-driven services so that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities may fully experience and participate in the local community. One of the ways Imagine! does this is by exhibiting works of art that the people in their services create. All of the works on display were completed solely by the artists and are their own creative expressions. Please take your time to appreciate each artist’s work to gain a sense of who they are, how they express themselves, and what it means to be in a community
About Imagine!: Imagine! is a not-for-profit organization that supports individuals of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One of the many services they provide is the opportunity to learn to express oneself through different art mediums. This allows for the development of both technical and creative skills. At Imagine! they believe an important aspect of creating art is creating community. For years, individuals from Imagine!’s CORE/Labor Source department have been working to create professional, sellable works of art for our community. For more information, please visit the organization’s website at www.imaginecolorado.org, or like Imagine! CORE/Labor Source’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/imaginecls/ to follow their efforts to create community.