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Jodi Stuart – Nested Rhomboids

Jodi Stuart
Nested Rhomboids

Jodi Stuart

Nested Rhomboids

ABS Plastic, Nylon Filament

120″ x 60″ x 72″


On view in the Dairy’s West Entrance


Jodi Stuart explores the aesthetic of the digital technologies which saturate our lives, in relation to tactile and sensory experience. Stuart subverts the materials and tools of high-tech culture through her
chosen materials, laborious and tactile processes. Her woven sculptural forms are made using the plastic filaments intended for 3d digital printing. By using a ‘3d-pen’ Stuart has replaced the computer
with the human hand in a nostalgic gesture towards tactile experience. Her combination of two-dimensional background prints and three-dimensional forms combines to activate an uneasy virtual/optical space between the two formats. A space where craft traditions such as weaving, knitting, basket making are juxtaposed with abstracted virtual space and biomorphic forms.




Please reach out to Curator of Visual Arts Drew Austin (drew@thedairy.org) with inquires about  purchasing custom sculptural work

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MARCH 2020

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