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Boedecker Movie Lovers – Fasten your seatbelts! We, the members of the Dairy’s Cinema Programming Advisory Committee, are starting a contest!!

Recently, we’ve been inundated with lists of the “best” movies (of the year, of all time, etc.), most of them from film critics and writers. Here at the Boe, we figured it was time for movie fans to have their say.

What we would like to know is not your list of the “best” movies, but what actually appeals to you, our audience. What is your FAVORITE film? Maybe you love baseball movies or Kurosawa. Your thing might be French New Wave or horror. Action films or the Marx Brothers. The Boe wants to know!

Every month, the Committee will invite you – via the new Boe Cinema Eblast – to send in YOUR favorite film (there will be lots of specific categories coming up). And a few sentences telling us why. We will eagerly read the submissions and let you know what we learned about your movie passions. Then, we will choose five and, let you vote for the top one. The winner will receive a complimentary pair of tickets to the Boe, and your response will be featured as part of our preview movie slideshow for the month.

Sound like fun? Drivers – start your engines.

September Poll

What is your favorite DIRECTOR?

This month’s contest is a real challenge. Narrow down your favorite film directors to just one. We picked 5 based on your submissions and now it’s your turn to vote on the THE ONE DIRECTOR! Action!!!

Your choices are Pedro Almodóvar, The Coen Brothers, Greta Gerwig, Alfred Hitchcock, and Stanley Kubrick. Vote by September 24 and  the winner of two tickets to the Boedecker will be announced the week of October 1!

August Poll

What is your favorite CRIME Movie?

Congratulations to our winner, THE GODFATHER, submitted by STEVE

June Poll

What is your favorite ANIMAL MOVIE!

We have our first ever tie! While stylistically very different, you, the patrons of the Boe, picked two films that put an entire cast of animals front and center with Babe and Isle of Dogs. Whether it was the nostalgia of a family classic or a celebration of modern auteurship (we suspect many of you, rightfully, enjoyed Wes Anderson’s Astroid City over the holiday weekend…), you selected two of the best and, dare we say, human animal films of all time.

Congratulations to our winners Denise & Susie! 

May Poll

What is your favorite SCIENCE FICTION FILM?

Congratulations to our winner BLADE RUNNER, submitted by TRACY

April Poll

What is your favorite INTERNATIONAL FILM?

Congratulations to our winner THE QUIET GIRL, submitted by EILEEN

March Poll

What is your favorite COMEDY?

Congratulations to our winner RAISING ARIZONA, submitted by ALANNAH

February Poll

What is YOUR favorite film in all the world?

Congratulations to our winner THE PRINCESS BRIDE, submitted by KATHLEEN!

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MARCH 2020

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