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The Dairy’s largest theater seats up to 250 patrons. Equipped with sprung Marley dance flooring, this theater is primarily used for dance rehearsals and performances.  PRICING>>>

Grace Gamm Theater

The Dairy’s second largest theater seats up to 116 patrons. Equipped with a wood floor, clients can build theater sets in this theater. This theater is primarily used for two to five-week periods for major theater productions. PRICING>>>

carsen theater

The Dairy’s Black Box theater is completely configurable, and can be arranged to the client’s liking, with up to 99 seats for patrons. This theater does not automatically include a Technical Director, but clients can contact a freelance Technical Director on the Dairy’s staff. PRICING>>>

Boedecker Theater

The Dairy’s cinema is equipped with 70 chairs – they are plush velvet rocking chairs with a back row of cozy director’s chairs. This theater is rented on Mondays & Tuesdays & around the Dairy’s regularly programmed cinema calendar. PRICING>>>

MacMillan Family Lobby

Seats up to 250 patrons and can be rented for a variety of events – from fundraisers with silent auctions, to small galas and private receptions. A rental includes the atrium & patio, which is the perfect setting for a spring or summertime event. PRICING>>>

McMahon Gallery

The Dairy’s McMahon Gallery is a beautiful art gallery. With seating for up to 80 patrons, the McMahon Gallery can be rented when the Dairy is not featuring large 3-dimensional or sculptural art. PRICING>>>

Vandeveer Workshop

The Dairy’s Vandeveer Workshop is an artist workshop space. With seating for up to 50 patrons, the Vandeveer Workshop can be used for a variety of events – from art workshops, to business meetings, and theater auditions & rehearsals. PRICING>>>

Sacred Space

The Sacred Space at the Dairy is a beautiful multi-use and art gallery space.  With a seating capacity for up to 60 patrons, the Sacred Space is an intimate setting for smaller events and meetings. PRICING>>>

The Dairy Arts Center is equipped to handle a variety of events from live performances to buffet dinners. Our professional staff will assist you every step of the way to make your event a success. To begin, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Read Through Rental Guideline Packet

Step 2:


 Step 3:

Venue Application Checklist

*Under the BOCO 5 Star Program, the Dairy Arts Center is required to take reservations for all patrons. In order to do this, we must consider all events to be “ticketed” (even if free) and collect at least one contact per party.

This allows the Dairy Arts Center to maintain correct capacities and social distancing under the current Boulder County Public Health order, and to keep records in place for contact tracing purposes. 

Additionally, this program requires the Dairy Arts Center to screen all patrons for COVID symptoms and exposure. For each event, a Dairy Arts Center staff (and additional volunteers if necessary) will screen each patron, including a touchless thermometer temperature reading, and record any necessary information before admitting that patron.

If you have any questions, please contact Shay Wescott, Senior Operations Manager, swescott@thedairy.org

Gordon Gamm Theater

Grace Gamm Theater

Carsen Theater

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MARCH 2020

As of today, 3/12/2020, The Dairy Arts Center remains open and operational. Should scheduling changes occur, ticket holders will be directly notified by The Dairy Arts Center.

If you have a question about an event please contact the presenting arts organization. For films, Dairy Presents and all other questions contact the Box Office at 303.440.7826