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Calendar Booking Process

  • We will be booking dates based on the total amount of rentals. See below for details. 
  • In order to serve as many organizations as possible, we can no longer hold dates for long periods of time without a serious commitment. Therefore, we will only hold dates on the calendar upon receiving a non-refundable deposit amounting to 25% of the venue rate for your requested dates. This invoice will be due within 3 weeks of confirming the availability of your requested dates. 
  • The 2024/2025 rate sheet can be found here
  • All requests for dates will be processed through our online venue request form found here
  • Email communications about available dates will not be considered official   requests for dates 

Round 1 : Applications Open October 16 – 23, 2023* 
During this round we will ONLY accept applicants who meet the following criteria: 

  1. Clients interested in renting the Grace Gamm and Carsen Theaters producing Theater and renting three (3) or more consecutive weeks throughout the 2024/2025 Calendar. The maximum number of weeks a client may request is 16 weeks between all Dairy Arts Center venues with 5 consecutive weeks being the limit of consecutive weeks in the Grace Gamm and Carsen Theaters. The required deposit to hold dates will be based on weekly rate w/tech. 
  1. Clients interested in renting the Gordon Gamm Theater producing Dance for eight (8) or more dates throughout the 2024/2025 Calendar. Requested dates can be consecutive or non-consecutive. The rental rate on the final contract may be based on hourly or daily rates; however, the required deposit to hold dates will be based on the daily rate w/tech. 

*We will continue to accept applications within these criteria past October 23, but will give preference to those received during the week of October 16 through 23 before moving on. 

Round 2: Applications open January 8, 2024 
The 2024/2025 Calendar opens to the public for ALL requests in the Dairy Arts Center venues on January 8, 2024. This includes requests from both nonprofit and for-profit organizations, rentals with and without tech, hourly, daily, and weekly requests. 

Theater Rental and Operations Staff 

Vonda Neely, Special Events Manager, vneely@thedairy.org 

  • First point of contact for calendar availability & general questions on renting space at the Dairy Arts Center 
  • Catering requests; Food & Beverage management 
  • Special Events Liquor Licensing information 

Bill Berry, Box Office Manager, wberry@thedairy.org 

  • Oversees box office operations 
  • Contact for client’s complimentary ticket guest lists and subscription services ● Ticketing form requests & ticket builds 
  • Generates box office reports and final ticket settlements 

Ryan Onders, Patron Services Manager, ronders@thedairy.org 

  • Oversees Front of House operations, including staff scheduling for house managers, box office, and concessions staff 
  • Onsite Manager for the Night of the Show

Megan Mazzoni, Senior Operations Manager, mmazzoni@thedairy.org

  • Oversees Dairy Arts Center Facilities
  • Oversees contracting & finances, including invoicing and payment requests 

Sean Wells, Technical Director for the Grace Gamm Theater, sean@thedairy.org

  • Dairy-provided technical director, must be present during any Grace Gamm Theater rental that includes tech 
  • Oversees all audio/visual and related theater equipment 

Craig Bushman, Technical Director for the Gordon GammTheater, craig@thedairy.org 

  • Dairy-provided technical director must be present during any Gordon GammTheater rental that includes tech 
  • Oversees all audio/visual and related theater equipment

Grace Gamm Theater

Carsen Theater

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MARCH 2020

As of today, 3/12/2020, The Dairy Arts Center remains open and operational. Should scheduling changes occur, ticket holders will be directly notified by The Dairy Arts Center.

If you have a question about an event please contact the presenting arts organization. For films, Dairy Presents and all other questions contact the Box Office at 303.440.7826