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June 3-5, 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Buddhist Arts and Film Festival!

Increasingly, world events are driving home the reality of our fundamental interconnection. Although separated and distanced in the past few years, we have much to share. In many ways, we’re all going through the same thing, we’re all living in a state of uncertainty. We are, indeed, all in this together. All beings exist in relationship to other beings. These relationships have never been more apparent, or more important.

The festival this year explores and celebrates these relationships. And we celebrate, after a few postponements, being together again. 

Join us, let’s be together again!

With Gratitude,
Laura Weiss and Sarah Poppitz

Looking for a Lady With Fangs and a Moustache

Friday, June 3, 7:45 pm – LOOKING FOR A LADY WITH FANGS AND A MOUSTACHE, director Khyentse Norbu When a …

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One Track Heart

Saturday, June 4, 11:00am – ONE TRACK HEART: THE STORY OF KRISHNA DAS, director Jeremy Frindel In 1970, Jeffrey Kagel …

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Becoming Nobody

Saturday, June 4, 1:00pm – BECOMING NOBODY, director Jamie Catto Director’s interviews, accompanied by archival footage and original music, Ram …

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Precious Guru

Saturday, June 4, 3:30pm – PRECIOUS GURU – JOURNEY INTO THE WILD HEART OF THE SECOND BUDDHA, director Marc Wennberg …

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Carving the Divine

Saturday, June 4, 5:45pm – CARVING THE DIVINE – BUDDHIST SCULPTORS OF JAPAN, a film by Yujiro Seki Carving the …

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Dharma Rebel

Saturday, June 4, 8:00pm – DHARMA REBEL, a film by Babeth Mondini VanLoo With a body full of tattoos, the …

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Rituals of Resistance

Sunday, June 5, 11:00am – RITUALS OF RESISTANCE, Directed by Joy Dietrich, Tenzin Phuntsog A Tibetan-American filmmaker explores modes of …

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Beyond Two Worlds

Sunday, June 5, 1:00pm – BEYOND TWO WORLDS: Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX, director and editor Jocelyn Fay Meli This feature-length …

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Tamding Tsetan

Sunday, June 5, 3:30pm – Musical Performance Tamding Tsetan is a multi-instrumentalist/singer and artist (graphics, tattoo, calligraphy, born in the …

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Return to Gandhi Road

Sunday, June 5, 5:00pm – RETURN TO GANDHI ROAD, director Yeshe Hegan Return to Gandhi Road tells the powerful story …

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Visions of a Teacher

Sunday, June 5, 7:30pm – VISIONS OF A TEACHER, director Jaap Verhoeven Khyentse Norbu, also known as Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche …

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As of today, 3/12/2020, The Dairy Arts Center remains open and operational. Should scheduling changes occur, ticket holders will be directly notified by The Dairy Arts Center.

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