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Spray Their Name


Photo by UnBoxed Photography

This mural was created  by members of Spray Their Name, a collective of artists dedicated to, “uplifting the voices of oppressed, neglected, and silenced individuals as well as amplify the voices of leaders, activists, and allies in their specific communities.” The artists chose to paint a portrait of Sandra Bland, a 28-year old Black woman found dead in her jail cell after was apprehended following an escalating police dispute that began from Bland not using her traffic signal. 


Sandra Bland, a 28-year old woman, recently moved to Texas from Chicago to begin a new job. She was pulled over by state trooper Encinia for failing to use her traffic signal. The officer asked Bland to put out her cigarette, in which Bland refused, resulting in the officer demanding Bland exit her vehicle, opening her car door, attempting to physically pull Bland from the vehicle, and finally pulling a taser gun on Bland stating, “I will light you up!”

Bland exits the vehicle and is eventually moved to the side of the road, being forced to the ground multiple times. Bland is then arrested and taken to the Waller County jail. Three days later, Bland is found dead, hanging in her jail cell.

Her death, initially ruled a suicide, was immediately contested by the family as they knew Bland to be in good mental health. The case, though now settled, continues to be called upon to be reopened as new evidence came to light in the form of video taken by Bland herself. Her story inspired the documentary Say Her Name, which includes a look at her activism as well.

A New York Times article on the case states, “What’s disturbing here was that she was arrested for assaulting an officer,” Ms. [Rebecca] Robertson said. “He had to arrest her because she was resisting arrest, but her resistance is a response to the officer escalating the situation.”

Read more about Sandra Bland’s case here or here.


“Hiero Veiga and Thomas Evans are traveling nationwide collaborating with black, brown and supporting ally artists to paint murals focused on black and brown victims of police brutality such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others. Eventually, they would like to assist other noteworthy individuals respective to their communities in amplifying their voices. This may include activists, community leaders, and victims of violence and oppression.

Spray Their Name considers it is necessary to give a voice to individuals who have been shut out, oppressed, and silenced. Black lives, voices, and leaders matter- our duty is to honor those whose lives have been wrongly taken through excessive police brutality.”

Read more about the campaign here and support the campaign here (through donations of money, supplies, food, housing, and/or walls)

Read more about the campaign here and support the campaign here (through donations of money, supplies, food, housing, and/or walls)


Thank you to each and every community member who donated to this campaign:

Brandi Numedahl, Helen McKeown, Sheryl Somrak, Tod Smith, Kittridge Marcy, Catherine James, Tammy Tomczyk, Cindy Worster, Corrie Christol, Julie Ash, Judy Lubow, Elizabeth McClain, Charles Steinberg, Lauri Hughes, John Wilcockson, Emily Takahashi, Laurie Van Grack, Melinda West Harrison, Margaret Hendricks, Leticia Abajo Torrijos, Margery Goldman, Shay Wescott, Jeannette Kornreich, Nina Asnes, Sharon McClew, Susan Crisfield, Lois LaFond, Margaret Pevec, Jean Evans, Richard Fein, Marion Thurnauer, Michael Kwolek, Bart Windrum, Ruthie Pfeiffer, Sara Sutton, Hailey Andler, Karen DeClerk, Kristin Reisinger, Julia Willis, Annamaria Laverty, Barbara Truan, Debbie Brinley, Charlene Cunningham, Wendy Ha, Trudy Turvey, Sophie Low, Naomi Rabinowitz, Annie Kraft, Ellen Brock, Amy Mason, Alaine Lerner, O Stecina, Jessica Kooiman Parker, Terry Elgin, Evie Cohen, Maxwell Morganfield, Sheena Creed, Antoinette Piaggio, Wendy Fisher, Sandi Butchkiss, Stephanie Kurland, Brenda Taylor, Caron Robinson, Erin Leckey, Vonda Neely, Marilyn and Mel Gallant, Lauren Forsythe, Felicia Furman, Dia Nicholson
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MARCH 2020

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