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JayCee Beyale

Visual Arts Co-Curator | jbeyale@thedairy.org

JayCee Beyale grew up in the Four Corners area of New Mexico, and received his BFA in printmaking from the University of New Mexico. He currently resides in Westminster, but travels often participates in collaborative murals and other art projects with fellow organizations and artists. JayCee’s connection to his aboriginal culture is heavily influenced by his involvement in the arts; his personal identity and background have always been present in his work because he is proud of who he is and where he comes from. His career as an artist started when he discovered street art and graffiti. He is deeply influenced by music, and is certain that without music, his art would not exist. Combining traditional indigenous ideologies and his personal Buddhist practice, JayCee is always striving to emphasize the concepts and convictions in his art. Using a combination of spray paints and acrylics, he hopes to share his beliefs by celebrating the fusion of technology and Indigenous culture in his work. JayCee aspires to illustrate the Laws of Movement, Unity and Impermanence in his work.

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  1. Good Afternoon, Mr. Beyale, My name is Sylvia Montero, I am a native professional artist, I live in
    Denver. I would like more information about Creative nations. Cipriano Ortega is my son, you were on that wonderful panel with the other wonderful panelist. I have not heard such a comprehensive
    intelligent and sensitive progressive panel like your group in years, really! I would love to see all the panelist in an art show together. I think that would be wonderful!
    Back to my point, can you please direct me to some one to talk to about Creative Nations, if you not mind or perhaps it is you? I do not know.

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