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Depths: Alissa Davies


Alissa Davies

Feb. 23rd – March 30th, 2024

Locals Only Gallery, Caruso Lounge (West Entrance)

This body of work speaks to depth as it relates to the ocean, one’s inner world, and acrylic paint. Despite living miles from the ocean, the sea is always with me, woven into my blood from a childhood spent on rocky shores and sandy beaches. The pieces in Depths pay homage to my love of salt water, of the cathartic shedding that can occur. In the ocean, I feel a mix of deep adoration and a humility for something so vast and powerful.

As oceans have depth, so does our capacity for self exploration and growth. Peeling back the layers and learning how to lean into the deeper, darker places allows me to show up as a more present parent, better friend, and more engaged community member. Our depths really are limitless.

One of the beauties of acrylic paint is the layering that can be achieved, creating moments of deepness as past layers shine through to the surface. I paint intuitively, not quite knowing what is going to need or want to come through during a painting session, and the layers of paint create interwoven stories in each piece. Like the ocean, like our own psyches, a paintings depth and buried histories are mesmerizing and a central aspect of my work.

About the Artist:

Alissa Davies is an abstract acrylic painter who works intuitively and is inspired by the natural world, her inner soul space, and from watching her two young children make art. Guided by her Waldorf education as a child, her life has always hummed with creativity and imagination. Alissa grew up in Maine and graduated from Smith College with a degree in Studio Art, focus in painting. She spent an informative junior year at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she stretched her creativity through 3-D, 4-D and art therapy classes. Alissa lived in Jackson, WY for 14 years before relocating in 2017 to Boulder, CO. 

Available work, upcoming events, and future painting workshops can be found at www.alissadavies.com.

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