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Black Futures in Art: Can You Hear Me?

Black Futures in Art: Can You Hear Me?

February 9th – April 6th 

Featuring work by:

Adderly Grant-Lord, Louise Cutler, Lydia Carlis, Thomas Lockhart, John Toms, Gedion Nyanhongo

Adderly Grant-Lord

Take a moment to pause and reflect, can you sense the profound resonance of these words as they reverberate through the corridors of your heart? Can you truly hear the silent pleas, the unspoken echoes of a soul yearning to be acknowledged and seen? Imagine the vast expanse of Boulder County, where a figure stands tall, a silhouette against the backdrop of our community. Silent, strong, and Black. Will you extend your gaze to truly see, to understand, to embrace, and to include? These questions echo within us, compelling us to listen, to recognize, and to bridge the gaps that may linger in the quiet spaces between us.

Now, step into the soul-stirring symphony of the Dairy Art Center where a vibrant and evocative exhibit has emerged, inviting us to ponder a resounding question: “Can you hear me?” This question echoes the powerful voice of Adderly Grant-Lord, a esteemed curator, artist and creator of Black Futures In Art, as we celebrate Black History Month through an artistic lens.

This celebration transcends boundaries and invites us to bear witness to the ever-evolving narratives of Black Futures in Art. Adderly’s dedication to this project, spanning three years, is rooted in a deeply personal concern. It originates from her daughter’s struggle to find her identity in a community that lacked representation. Drawing upon her Caribbean immigrant experience, juxtaposed with her daughter’s upbringing, Adderly recognizes the urgent need for exposure to Black art. This exposure fosters understanding, connection, and true community within our hearts.

Join us in celebrating the beauty, depth, and resilience of the Black experience through these transformative works of art. Step into this immersive experience and allow the resonance of these artistic echoes to kindle unity and appreciation within our community. Attend the grand opening to make the beauty of this collection a cherished part of your personal narrative. By doing so, you contribute to the collective tapestry of shared stories and shared understanding.

We take immense pride in offering this opportunity to honor a rich history. Black History Month should not be treated as a separate entity within our collective American history, nor should it be reduced to a mere compilation of significant events. African American art serves as a testament to the lived experiences, the shared narratives of all African Americans, whether famous or obscure, high or low. These experiences have played a pivotal role in shaping, challenging, and ultimately strengthening America.

As we explore this art, we are reminded to take an unvarnished look at our past, understanding it as a means to create a better future. Black art encapsulates the expression of the Black experience, a living, breathing testament to our collective responsibility. It is a power we hold, a tool we can shape and wield. We celebrate Black history to remember that what makes us exceptional as Americans is our determination to fight, to pass laws, to march, to recognize unions, and to stage protests. With each step, that gap between us narrows, and it is this ongoing effort that propels us towards a brighter future.

As you leave this exhibit, let it serve as a wellspring of inspiration to empower and inspire others, regardless of their background or origin. In doing so, we collectively contribute to a future where every child can see themselves and reach their full potential, nurtured by the embracing community that surrounds them.

Thomas Lockhart
Louise Cutler

Curator: Adderly Grant-Lord

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MARCH 2020

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