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UndocuAmerica: Reclaiming Our Presence

Reclaiming Our Presence

MOTUS Theater

May 10th – July 14th, 2024

Muralist Edica Pacha depicting UndocuAmerica monologist Laura Peniche, 2022

Motus Theater’s UndocuAmerica: Reclaiming Our Presence invites visitors to engage with art that centers undocumented community members’ stories through a wide variety of mediums including photography, illustrations, films, and animations. At a time when people who are undocumented are often demonized as “other” for political gain, the art in this exhibit invites us to look past our differences and find our shared humanity. Regardless of individual beliefs about immigration policy, this project allows visitors to know more about the impact of these policies on the lives of undocumented or DACAmented people and their families.

“La Frontera” by Sebástian Sifuentes in collaboration with Kirsten Wilson.


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About the Artists

Motus Theater’s mission is to create original theater to support community conversation on critical issues of our time. We aim to use the power of art to build alliances across diverse segments of our community and country. Motus collaborates with people on the frontlines of violence in the U.S. to tell autobiographical monologues to create momentum for strategic policy change and develop multimedia history performances through the lens of race and class. Motus’ work on immigration, the UndocuAmerica project, started in 2012. The majority of Motus’ immigration performances center the personal stories of undocumented immigrants to help dominant-culture audiences & leaders understand the impacts of aggressive policies on undocumented immigrants and families. Motus’ artistic work on immigration has reached over 420,000 people and has been featured in NPR, Washington Post, USA Today, CPR, Rocky Mountain PBS & others.

Kirsten Wilson (MFA) is responsible for Motus’ artistic executive direction. Founder of Motus Theater, she’s a narrative and multimedia artist, master teacher in the field of autobiographical monologue work, and the editor of the Motus Monologues and Shoebox Stories podcasts. She collaborates with individuals living on the frontlines of violence to create compelling narratives aimed at opening hearts and minds. She has been collaborating with leaders who are undocumented since 2012, people who were formerly incarcerated since 2019, and transgender and nonbinary leaders since 2023.

Sebastián Sifuentes (SEBSIRO) is a mixed media artist, graphic designer, and illustrator based in Boulder. Sifuentes was born in Lima, Peru, where he began his studies in graphic design. He studied traditional painting at Eastern Michigan University where he earned a BFA and a minor in sociology. Sifuentes’ love for woodblock painting and textures has influenced his style and techniques as an illustrator and graphic designer. In his work, he plays with traditional media and digital means to achieve his unique hybrid, organic style, and details left slightly to chance. Sifuentes collaborated with Motus Theater’s artistic executive director, Kirsten Wilson, to design the seven beautiful lotería cards that accompany Motus’ SALSA Lotería Monologues (2015).

Edica Pacha created the original murals featuring Motus Theater’s UndocuAmerica monologists. Pacha’s love affair with creativity began with film photography, and long hours in the darkroom, at the age of 14. She took this gift and studied further at the Rhode Island School of Design and Prescott College. During this time she expanded into video, installation, and performance art. Her studies took her deep into the power of creativity and how this impacted community. Pacha currently is focusing on large-scale photographic murals using a unique ‘layered in camera’ photographic style, that explores the mystical and mysterious sides of the feminine.  She is interested in themes that deeply impact the human experience and uses the medium to address issues that we are currently facing such as immigration and indigenous rights.

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