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Marcus Murray

Marcus Murray
Snapshots of Black History Month

Marcus Murray

Digital Illustration

Left to Right: Magic, Spirit, Ancestors, Afro

On view along the North wall of The Dairy Arts Center’s main entrance: June – September, 2022


This work was developed in February 2022 to celebrate Black History Month as part of Murray’s collaborative drawing challenge launched with KandiceDesigns.

The project incorporated 10 designs for artists to intrepret in their style, including: Power, Spirit (on view), Ancestor (on view), Fire, Gold, Jazz, Afro (on view), Barber, Dog, and Magic (on view)

View more of Marcus’ work and the entire challenge on his site below:

Marcus Murray is a Jamaican American illustrator and artist living in Denver, Colorado. He has a lifelong love of storytelling through various mediums like video games, music, comic books, and poetry. His favorite books take place in fantastical lands or daring space adventures! When he’s not doodling on his digital tablet he can be found making stickers or painting in his studio.

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