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Light from Light

Glenn’s Pick – Glenn Webb, Director of Programs – Maybe it was Casper or other benign depictions in media, but I never saw why people thought ghosts were scary. When I was 9 my mother died, and my father was devastated. He told me later that he spent a week of nights awake and trying desperately to reach out to her spirit in the afterlife, to no avail. Like the movie LIGHT FROM LIGHT, I am less interested in the supernatural aspects of this, than in the psychological, because what my father told me of his main concerns as he sent mental messages to my mother. Among other things, he was worried about how he would be able to raise us kids without her. In articulating this concern and directing at his memory of her, I believe he was able to integrate some of her essences, making it possible for him to carry on. This is the emotional reality at the heart of the movie, which is so subtle that some might miss it, expecting a grander spookiness. This movie isn’t getting a lot of national attention, but I’m happy to be giving it a chance to find the right audience in our community. Maybe it is for you.
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MARCH 2020

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