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Impossible Balance – Eric Dallimore

Age Group: High school and up
Materials: Paper (thicker is better, but simple printer paper will suffice), Tape (regular scotch tape works well!), Cardboard (a cereal box or any other rigid surface will work), Alternative/Additional supplies (not necessary for the class, but could be great materials to work with… you never know!): string, push pins, metal wire, and glue.

Focusing on building preliminary models using simple tools such as paper, cardboard, and tape, we imagine larger public art. Inspired by contemporary artists like Richard Serra, Lee Ulfan, Bernar Vernet, and even the visual aesthetics of Ikebana, this workshop explores simple paper cutting and paper folding techniques as a way for participants to begin exploring line, space, composition, and form. We imagine our paper as an uncomplicated study of much more rigid materials used in public art, such as steel, concrete, and even wood. We gain some understanding of how public art is made and what process the artists must go through in order for their work to be submitted to a committee.

Eric Robert Dallimore is a contemporary artist whose primary medium is woodworking, but also employs a variety of surprising materials in his driven works of art. His work is often a comment on current political-social narratives and environmentalism in the modern era. His most recent work focuses on the divisive nature of our country and has begun to incorporate aspects of performance art into his stoic, large scale sculptures and installations. Eric is also the founder and artistic director of Leon, a leading-edge gallery that intentionally challenges limitations, and provides an environment for artistic exploration that is free from the market pressure and economic constraints of commercial galleries.

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MARCH 2020

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