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Aberrant Behavior

Creative Nations is Native American Arts collective permanently housed at the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder

Chelsea Kaiah & Cody Norton

Aberrant Behavior is an exhibition to showcase the lesser-seen areas within the hunting culture presented in the United States. Artists Chelsea Kaiah and Cody Norton give in-depth perspectives of Indigenous and Queer hunting practices. Aberrant Behavior is a deconstruction of stigmas and an in-process view of the ceremony, tears, relations, and identity that make up a hunter as a contemporary artist.

Chelsea Kaiah (b. 1995) is Ute and Apache/ Irish settler, born on the Northern Ute reservation. As an artist she currently resides in Denver Colorado. She is a passionate activist for Native rights, awareness, and sustainability. Chelsea earned her BFA at Watkins College of Art and Design in Nashville Tennessee. Today she learns traditional practices of pine needle weaving, beading, porcupine quilling, buffalo hunting, and hide work. Incorporating her interdisciplinary skills to meld a perspective of culture and artistic practice.

Cody is an interdisciplinary artist who discovers the ways in which humankind has disrupted and intervened in ecosystems across North America. With specific insight into the hunting industry here in the United States; I investigate how marginalized groups such as queer
people are intervening and disrupting heteronormative white male-dominated spaces. Using my past experiences within the hunting community and through my own queer identity, I aim to highlight the “queer hunter”. Pockets such as this of the queer community bring niche and underrepresented people together and I hope my practice can elevate this specified group.

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MARCH 2020

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