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a place/we may or may not/actually visit: A Grix

a place
we may or may not
actually visit

A Grix

February 23rd – March 30th, 2024

McMahon Gallery

In this exhibition, a place we may or may not actually visit. A Grix continues their exploration into themes of longing and unfulfilled desire with a consideration towards future existence. The title for this show comes from a note Grix’s sister left for them in their studio shortly before her sudden death. Grix uses their work to imagine ways to hold space for feelings, sensations and memories that we have now that we want to also exist in the future. In this way Grix’s objects act as portals or time capsules, talisman for the future, made in the present In this exhibition Grix works with two collaborators, Aná and Brook to explore these themes through material translations of sound and marble carving respectively. In exhibition the artists work individually and collaboratively using themes of absence, loss, and negative space mutual interests and shared experience that acts as a place from which to build a future, one that we may want to visit.

About the Artist:

A Grix, is an artist, educator and independent curator whose work focuses on how bodies on the margins of society occupy space. Grix received their MFA from CU, Boulder in 2023, a post bacc at the University of Arkansas in 2018 and their BFA from Penn State in 2015.

Collaborating Artists

Brook Vann

Brook is a new media artist based in Boulder, Colorado. Brook explores gender and queerness in their work through motion-capture, sound design and data analysis. They use these various technologies to better understand the abundant and subtle translations between body, space and movement and how they affect gender. They have received an MFA in the Kinetic Imaging department at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2021.

Ana González Barragán

(b. Mexico City, 1989) is an artist and researcher interested in examining the particularities of different stones, minerals, and other geological bodies anchored to historical and political narratives. Through her lens, stones encapsulate the complex relationship between Western civilization and the more-than-human. Ana’s work is informed by a non-static dialogue connecting the nuances of post-industrial capitalism and patriarchy with dominant narratives that commodify the body and natural resources through various processes of extraction. By combining geological bodies, mine-recovered objects, ceramics, and time-based media, Ana’s work offers evocative provocations to undertake reflection processes about the culture/nature divide across different regions and historical moments.

Amidst the ecological crisis,  Gonzalez’s body of work also comments on how natural resources are extracted and exploited. Her sculptures and videos reflect on the excesses committed by the mining industry   –which constantly suppresses the needs of the ecosystem– while simultaneously disregarding a bleak vision of the world and transforming it into a sensitive relationship towards the material and the form.

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