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Orbs & Fronds: Ryan Wiese

Orbs & Fronds

Ryan Wiese

July 26 – August 25, 2024

Locals Only Gallery, Caruso Lounge (West Entrance)

Thank you for joining me in my world of playful minimalism, where bright colors and clean lines hold a story waiting to be discovered.

I search for simplicity mixed with a vibrancy, and a place where balanced form mingles joyfully with bold colors.  As a contemporary minimalist painter, I love expressing life’s fun side, capturing those simple moments of awe and joy.

Each piece I make is crafted with love, to spark wonder and curiosity, inviting the viewers to delve into their imaginations. My goal is to ignite creativity and open new possibilities for anyone who interacts with my art.

I’m continuously inspired by the world around me, sketching away to explore endless ideas.  I refine my vision though regular practice, curious to find balance between shape and space.  Colors are my playground, and I’m inspired by the boundless opportunities they offer.  When I find a composition that speaks to me, I blend it with my most exciting color studies to create something fresh.  Each shape is purposeful and every hue is chosen to stir feelings and awaken your senses. 

About the Artist

Born and raised in Michigan, Ryan spent his childhood watching his mother paint watercolors.
Along with his sisters, he also spent years crafting with his grandmothers and mom. His love of
creating with his hands was also deeply influenced building decks with his dad. Before moving
to Boulder, CO in the spring of 1998, he attended school for apparel design and once in
Boulder, worked for several years on HIND’s product development team. He is a self-taught
artist and began painting shortly after settling in Boulder. After product development, he co-
owned a glass jewelry line with one of his sisters and spent thousands of hours making glass
beads and designing jewelry. His paintings were and are influenced by the organic shapes that
are created when different colors and transparencies of glass are melted into one another. His
work has been featured on chocolate bars and sold to collectors locally and across the country.
He continues to refine and build on his vibrant minimalist aesthetic. 

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