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300 Days of Sunshine: Jennifer Hohlfelder

300 Days of Sunshine

Jennifer Hohlfelder

June 14th - July 21st, 2024

Locals Only Gallery, Caruso Lounge (West Entrance)

This exhibit of new oil paintings by Boulder artist Jennifer Hohlfelder celebrates the 300 days of sunshine Colorado receives each year. Enjoy the bold hues of these sunny scenes from ski slopes to swimming pools!

When my family moved from Atlanta to Boulder in the 70’s, I became obsessed with horses, snow and swimming all summer long at Spruce Pool. From collecting plastic horse figures, taking riding lessons, skiing (cross country instead of downhill – parent’s choice not mine), and meeting up with friends at the pool, these are the memories that inspired this collection. I’ve taken those memories and translated them into adult women, with a sometimes vintage flair, reminding me that they are all part of who I am now.

About the Artist

1965 Atlanta, Georgia

I was raised in Boulder, Colorado by artistic parents. After studying art in a classroom setting, I spent years in independent studio practice honing my skills using oil paints on canvas.  For many of my figures, I refer to old family photographs or scenes from my own travels or memories, using bold hues when taking the viewer to another place and time.  Sunny scenarios appear heavily in my work as, for me, they invoke enjoyable times, consistently lifting the mood.  All of the scenes I paint reflect my personality, either relaxed or having fun. Ultimately, nostalgia in my paintings is explored as an ideal that can offer joy and perhaps a reminder to appreciate the fleeting moments of life. 

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