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White Snake

Glenn’s Pick – Glenn Webb, Director of Programs – The opening scene of the new Chinese animated release White Snake is a stunning work of visual art, setting the tone for an epic mythological adventure. This is not the 2-D anime style from Japan that most of us know, but a very different cultural aesthetic, using CGI to render deeply detailed 3-D images of fantastical artwork come to life. It feels a bit like a cross between fairy tale and wuxia martial arts, so it wouldn’t get a G-rating, but the fight sequences are mostly on the reality plane of supernatural creatures, so although there is a lot of peril, there isn’t gore. There are complex characters and a star-crossed romance, so I’d put it in the PG category, with plenty to interest adult audiences, but still suitable for adolescents. For purists, we are showing the subtitled version for Friday Night Weird, and for those who don’t want to stay up late or read the dialogue, we have a Saturday matinee screening of the English dubbed version. This is a very fresh direction in imported animation that I hope you can appreciate.

Also, Kit and I will be in costume on Christmas for our traditional screenings of Holy Grail. Both screenings are selling very well, so dig out your Ren Faire garb and get your tickets now!

MARCH 2020

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