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Stuffed, Three Christs

Glenn’s Pick – Glenn Webb, Director of Programs – My high school sweetheart’s father was a taxidermist. The first few times going to pick her up at their house was a bit intimidating, with carcasses in various states of deconstruction in front of the workshop, and the big burly guy who was clearly good with a knife giving me the eye. His clientele were “Sportsmen” who drove pickups with gun racks in the window, and it was all about the pride of “bringing down the big one.” This is NOT what is going on in the documentary STUFFED. Some of the artists profiled in the movie may have learned the basics of the craft from the world of hunting trophies, but this movie is about advanced study of the natural world in motion, and the desire to convey the wonder and power of this world to an audience who don’t have direct access to the wild parts of our planet. This is a beautiful movie about sensitive souls on a mission. I recommend it.
Also, THREE CHRISTS is based on an extremely interesting story from the history mental health treatment just as it was emerging from the dark ages of electroshock and lobotomies. Based on the book by Milton Rokeach, it’s a bizarre tale on the edge of ,medical ethics. As Dr. Rokeach said in the 1984 reprint of his book, “while I had failed to cure the three Christs of their delusions, they had succeeded in curing mine…”
Finally, to switch gears entirely, I’m very excited this Friday night to be working with the great musicians of the band FY5 in the Gordon Gamm Theater. This is musical storytelling at its best. Hope you can come.
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MARCH 2020

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