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Fan Mail 2.0

Fan Mail 2.0

February 3rd – April 1st, 2023

Co-Curated by Hyperlink Collection

While the internet and social media provide artists with ample opportunities to both disseminate  imagery and gain exposure to other artists, it often hinders one’s ability to make the same  meaningful connections that are cultivated when co-existing in proximity. The dynamic that is  created between viewer and art is crucial, and it is our aim to really emphasize this. 

Through collaboration with those communities, we can form lasting relationships that continue to  influence the creative practices of those involved and those who come to view it. We envision  that through thoughtful conversations and shared efforts, the divisions created by time, space,  and geography collapse. 

The exhibition, Fan Mail 2, takes this one step further. Based on our mission, Hyperlink asked  each of its members to select an artist they are interested in, inspired by, and a fan of.  Purposely, Fan Mail 2, doesn’t privilege the buddy-system but seeks a new paradigm. We ask  each other how we, as artists may create new connections and present artworks we desire to  share and voices that we long to be heard.  

Images from Fan Mail, 2019 hosted at Redline Contemporary Arts Center

About Hyperlink

Hyperlink, formed in 2014, is a nebulous artist collective dedicated to alternative artistic experiences, practices, opportunities, and expanding community. 

The internet has collapsed geographic isolation for many artists, opening floodgates to easily disseminate creative work. Yet even with ubiquitous internet use and travel, the physical limitations of geographic distance is often still a real limitation to a tangible, and meaningful, connection through the arts. Hyperlink dissolves those boundaries, as well as the boundaries of our own minds as it relates to the potential for what art can be and how it can be experienced. 

Initially Hyperlink formed as an alternative space in Chicago’s Zhou B Art Center, the links created through that experiment grew like roots sprouting new tendrils and has since moved from a brick and mortar space, electing instead, to work with various institutions and exhibition spaces in different regions. Hyperlink has arranged exhibitions in Los Angeles, Nashville, Denver, Chicago, and China, among others. 

Hyperlink artists connect to artists in their home page/city via critical dialogue, curated exhibitions, and collaboration. Hyperlink also works with emerging figures in the art world such as writers, curators and critics. We are open to exploring new territory and the unknown.

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