Dairy Arts Center

Making Waves – The Art of Cinematic Sound

Glenn’s Pick – Glenn Webb, Director of Programs – One way that a Dairy Membership is more than just a collection of discounts is the monthly opportunity in The Boe to add your voice to the curatorial process for the cinema. We invite our members to watch a movie with us (free of charge) and ask them to weigh in on whether it is worthy of a run in The Boedecker Theater. Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound was one such selection that has been vetted by an audience of your peers as worthwhile, which is affirmed in its rottentomatoes score of 100%. As a sound engineer, I can also attest that when the sound is right, it gains access to a subconscious response that is difficult to quantify, but is unmistakable when it works. Come find out more about this aspect of film-making.
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