Dairy Arts Center

La Casa Lobo

Glenn’s Pick – Glenn Webb, Director of Programs – 
This week we have some great movies, but I need to show some love to the Friday Night Weird selection, La Casa Lobo (The Wolf House.) It’s a hybrid form of animation, mixing stop-motion and hand painting, as backgrounds spontaneously morph into new settings, and papier-mâché characters are constructed and reconstructed, with crazy doll hair added, faces painted on and then painted over. This lends itself to the fairy-tale story, where pigs become children, and the wolf is outside the house, and then is the house. I won’t bother to go into detail about the story, which drives the artwork, and then seems driven by the artwork, as an uncanny dream state where things may not make sense in a regular way, but instead have their own sense of emotional truth that paints over walls with a new reality. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it left me feeling haunted and amazed.
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