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Mary Dolores Young

Mary Dolores Young – Boulder City Council Liason
I was christened Maria Dolores Gutiérrez, someone started calling me Mary in high school and it stuck. Throughout my first term, I have brought my unique skills, experience and perspective to the Boulder City Council. I am the eldest of five first-generation children of Mexican immigrants, my first language was Spanish, and I grew up in the Mexican-American milieu of El Paso, Texas.
In 1978, while studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso, IBM recruited me for a summer internship at IBM. After graduating, I received job offers ranging from designing calculators for Texas Instruments to a management program with General Electric. I chose Bell Laboratories in Denver and commuted there from Boulder. In 1982, after earning my Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, I returned to Boulder and have lived here ever since.
My engineering career covered a range of assignments from developing mining instrumentation to designing juvenile products to operations management for a small start-up in Boulder County. I worked in engineering-related businesses until 2008.

My love of community and place inspired my departure from the engineering field to pursue a path in the non-profit sector. Since then, I have held positions with organizations including Growing Gardens of Boulder County and Via Mobility Services. I served on the board of eGo CarShare and for three years I participated in committees that award grants for the Community Foundation of Boulder County. In 2012, I was chosen for a Rose Community Foundation fellowship and in 2016 directed the One Action 2016: Arts + Immigration Project.

I was Chair and a member of the volunteer citizen City of Boulder Planning Board for nearly five years until my election to the Boulder City Council in 2013. From November 17, 2015 through November 15, 2016, I served as Mayor Pro Tem. My volunteerism and leadership reflect my desire to build community and connection for all.

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